Everything you need to make

Online & ONDC

sales happen

Effortlessly manage Online and ONDC orders, WebStore, Integrated Logistics, Loyalty programs, CRM, Payments, Influencer marketing and more in one convenient NO-CODE application.

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ONDC Integration
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Unique solutions to grow your business now and forever

Suitable for established and emerging brands. Direct to Customers online sales!
Available as plugins / Brand new website

Native ONDC Integration

Grow Nationwide with ONDC. Reach newer markets and customers cost effectively

D2C E-Commerce Infra

Smart future proof full E-Commerce suite to manage your entire online business

Affiliate Marketing

Enhance your reach and sales through socially popular affiliates and influencers


Transformative journey into the future of digital commerce!

Witness the power of a platform that bridges the gap between sellers and buyers like never before.

COSTBO's advanced seller platform equips you with data-driven insights, intuitive interfaces, and a user-centric approach, streamlining your operations and enhancing customer engagement. It paves the way for effortless connectivity, enhancing your ability to showcase products and services to a diverse customer base.

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Direct access to customer info for retargeting & promotions


Active live integrations with  advanced API stack

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Savings on digital investments with measurable results

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Savings on logistics.
Multi warehouse pickup

Elevate your business with Innovative software solutions

Seamless integration with websites built on Shopify, WIX, WordPress or other tools. Stay ahead of the curve with a Maintenance-free webstore, continuously adapting to evolving technologies

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1. No IT Dept ? No Problem

Plug & Play, No Code, Readily deployable comprehensive business solutions

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2. Don't sweat about Cash flow

No risk Supply chain Finance to your B2B buyers (via trusted NBFC partners)

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3. Eliminate the Intermediary

Own your Brand and Own your Customers. No more relying on third party marketplaces.

Fuel your online business growth

Perfect technology solution for all size businesses. Let us tackle the Technology and Integrations for you

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Mobile friendly, Blazing fast webstore!

Fast loading Catalogs, Express checkout, Reliable payment processing with push notifications.

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Analyze sales and profits On the go!

Unleash the power of data! Empowering business insights at your fingertips with our Web and Mobile master dashboard