November 1, 2023

Demystifying ONDC: A Comprehensive Q&A Session

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Eswar Angusamy
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Demystifying ONDC: A Comprehensive Q&A Session

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has emerged as a game-changer. A recent webinar session held on October 14th provided a platform for a captivating Q&A session, where users had the opportunity to explore the intricacies of ONDC. In this blog, we'll dive into the essential questions and answers that unfolded during this session to provide a comprehensive understanding of ONDC.

Question 1: What is ONDC, and how does it work?

ONDC, an acronym for the Open Network for Digital Commerce, represents a government-backed initiative aimed at revolutionizing the e-commerce ecosystem. Its core mission is to decentralize e-commerce, offering businesses a more efficient platform to showcase and sell their products. ONDC serves as a digital bridge, seamlessly connecting sellers and buyers. Sellers can list their products, while buyers can effortlessly browse, compare, and make purchases. It's essentially a digital marketplace that brings businesses and consumers together.

Question 2: How can businesses join ONDC?

The process of joining ONDC is straightforward. Businesses need to establish a partnership with a robust seller network provider who will facilitate the onboarding process. This partner plays a vital role in providing the necessary infrastructure for managing orders, inventory, and last-mile delivery. Business owners are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining catalogs, updating inventory, processing orders, and ensuring timely deliveries.

Question 3: What's in it for businesses on ONDC?

ONDC presents an enticing opportunity for businesses to expand their reach. Picture it as having your miniature version of Amazon, with the potential to attract a more extensive customer base. ONDC's design is inherently inclusive, aiming to involve a multitude of businesses in the e-commerce ecosystem, thereby ensuring that all participants can reap substantial benefits. As a seller on ONDC, the horizon is open for your business to thrive and grow its customer base.

Question 4: How can businesses stand out on ONDC?

To stand out on ONDC, businesses must concentrate on key elements such as competitive pricing, maintaining product quality, providing exceptional customer service, and ensuring unwavering trustworthiness. ONDC will incorporate a rating and review system similar to prominent e-commerce platforms, and these reviews will greatly influence customers' decision-making processes.

Question 5: How will buyers find sellers on ONDC?

ONDC facilitates an intuitive system for buyers to search for products based on a variety of criteria. The platform takes into account the buyer's location, and search results are curated to include nearby sellers. This feature significantly enhances the visibility of businesses, increasing the likelihood that customers will opt for local sellers. Furthermore, precise product searches work seamlessly, irrespective of the buyer's location, ensuring customers can easily find your products.

Question 6: Are there any costs associated with listing on ONDC?

Yes, there are service fees associated with ONDC. These fees, however, are set by the government and are designed to be competitive, making ONDC accessible to a wide range of businesses. These fees are integral in ensuring that the platform can provide the necessary infrastructure and support for sellers to thrive.

Question 7: Can businesses onboard directly to ONDC without a service provider?

Direct onboarding to ONDC for businesses is not possible. The process mandates a strong seller network partner who can provide the essential infrastructure and support for a seamless onboarding experience. Think of ONDC as the network itself, and businesses require an intermediary to establish their connection to this network.

Question 8: How can businesses target their audience on ONDC?

Businesses can effectively target their audience on ONDC through a variety of strategies. These include maintaining well-defined catalogs, offering competitive pricing, utilizing push notifications and discounts, and building a robust customer base. By implementing these tactics, businesses can attract a larger customer pool.

Question 9: Can customers and sellers contact each other directly on ONDC?

ONDC simplifies communication between customers and sellers by providing an integrated platform for interaction. Buyers can easily reach out to sellers with their queries or concerns, ensuring a convenient and efficient process.

Question 10: What about payment processing on ONDC?

Payment processing on ONDC follows a straightforward protocol. Payments are released to sellers once the product is successfully delivered to the customer, ensuring a secure and seamless transaction process.

Question 11: How can businesses from different regions, like Tamil Nadu, be a part of ONDC?

ONDC is designed to be inclusive, welcoming businesses from all regions. There are no geographical restrictions. Businesses hailing from Tamil Nadu or any other region can readily join ONDC with the assistance of their chosen seller network partner. Furthermore, ONDC accommodates various languages, including Tamil, to facilitate seamless communication.


The ONDC Q&A session unveiled the inner workings of this groundbreaking platform. ONDC is set to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape by creating a decentralized ecosystem that benefits both businesses and consumers. With a commitment to transparency, trustworthiness, and the involvement of a diverse array of businesses, ONDC aspires to reshape the future of digital commerce in India. As more businesses embark on their journey with ONDC, the unfolding story promises to be an exciting one.